Sosivio press release

01 FEB 2021
Sosivio names Vladimir Lisinac
Vice president of growth and marketing
Sosivio names Vladimir Lisinac
Sosivio, Next Generation Observability for Cloud Native Environments, Drives Global Expansion with Dynamic Leadership in The San Francisco Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO – February 1, 2021 – Sosivio, focused on the next generation observability for cloud native environments, announced it has named Vladimir Lisinac – Vice President of Growth and Marketing. Lisinac, a proven sales leader with deep data engineering, data science, cloud applications and Artificial Intelligence expertise, previously held critical growth roles at SAP, Databricks and Alluxio. Throughout his 15-year career in technology sales, he has successfully defined and executed sales and marketing strategies that showcase his passion for next-generation Kubernetes Observability and AI solutions. Lisinac holds B.S. degrees in Business Administration and International Business Management from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, and an Executive MBA from Stanford University in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Lisinac joins Sosivio at an important period in its growth trajectory. Sosivio’s impressive and innovative technology comes out of years of experience consulting for and building some of the largest cloud native deployments in the world. “Sosivio was born out of years of sitting in “war rooms” helping customers fix their broken environments and overcome the challenges of Kubernetes and Cloud Native in general. It was clear that the wasted resources, wasted time, and headaches could vanish with the right AI tools that take the reliance on rare Kubernetes expertise out of the equation. It’s time that our tools catch up with the times.” says Sosivio’s CTO and Co-Founder, Liran Cohen.

“Kubernetes is exploding across the business world as the cloud orchestration software of choice” said Lisinac. “I chose to join Sosivio because we have a unique approach to application and infrastructure observability. Intrusive application monitoring isn’t enough anymore, DevOps and IT teams must use proactive tools to predict, detect, and resolve workload failures. Cloud native systems are complex enough as is and growing larger and more complex by the day. We’re here to make their lives easier.” Sosivio Co-Founder and CEO, Nuri Golan echoed Lisinac’s sentiments and stated that the company is taking a fundamentally different approach to cloud native management. “Sosivio is the first non-intrusive, truly autonomous cloud native platform. Sosivio was built by experts from the field and experienced entrepreneurs to address the most pressing challenges for companies operating on the cloud. We’re not just monitoring your environment and applications; we are taking the cloak off of Kubernetes and empowering teams to focus on developing great services and not troubleshooting.” said Nuri Golan.


About Sosivio

Sosivio is a next generation observability platform, built from the ground up for Cloud Native environments. Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Sosivio applies AI to do the heavy lifting by providing eventless failure prediction and automatic failure resolution. Headquartered in San Francisco (with offices in Israel and Eastern Europe) Sosivio is on a mission to help all stakeholders – DevOps, IT, Management, Security, Data teams, & Developers solve the organization’s toughest problems running cloud environments. To learn more, follow Sosivio on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or visit