Sosivio platform

Autonomous Cloud Native

Empower your teams with the tools to build and manage cloud native environments efficiently, securely, and cost effectively.

Sosivio’s Autonomous Cloud Platform provides wholistic visibility into any environment, eventless failure prediction, automated resolution, and deep contextual analysis of signals from all layers of your system for all stakeholders - DevOps, IT, Management, Security, & Developers.

We provide:

  • Environment Wide Automated Failure Resolution
  • Eventless Failure Prediction

Sosivio works anywhere

Yet Another Application

Deployed as Yet Another Application, meaning it is completely non-intrusive:

  • No agent required on the node/pod.
  • No libraries injected into the developer code / no side cars.
  • No broken artifacts.

Wholistic Approach

Sosivio collects data from five major layers: OS signals, OS logs, K8s, container engine and application. This spectrum of data allows Sosivio to accurately analyze every process in every pod on every node, and the K8s platform itself.

Sosivio’s AI engines correlate relevant data, detect malfunction sequences as they evolve, and offer a resolution prior to a catastrophic failure.

Not Another Monitoring Tool

Let Sosivio do all of the heavy lifting. Whether you are a developer or manager, our intuitive dashboard provides the answer to your problems, not just identifying anomalies and displaying symptoms.

Save Money, Get More

Sosivio was built from the ground up using lean development languages, while incorporating our expertise across many domains (IT, Networking, Storage, Containers, K8s). Our solution utilizes less than 5% of the cluster’s resources, compared to greater than 30% by some tools.

Plug & Play

The installation process takes minutes and requires no prerequisites: no provisioning of storage, no need to configure the network, and no need for fancy hardware (GPU, SSD, etc.). The benefits of Sosivio are felt immediately after the system is deployed.


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The installation process takes minutes and has no prerequisites.
The benefits of Sosivio are felt immediately after the system is deployed.