Full Operations Dashboard and Multi-Cluster Insights

Provide teams with a single starting point for each system overview and investigation. Cloud native systems are complex enough as they are. Benefit from complete visibility into your entire environment.

True Root Cause Analysis

Eliminate wasted time and team frustration. Data ingested from the full stack allows us to connect the dots even when the failure spans multiple system components.

Automatic Mitigation, Resolution Recommendations + Customizable Rules

A platform that provides its users with more than just Observability.

Generate Ops Insights

Transform endless data to concrete insights for both the technical and business decisions.

K8s Best Practice Compliance Alerts

Inform teams of issues before they materialize. Let us expose weaknesses caused by less-than-optimal configuration, not your users.

  • API Mapping
  • Customized Cluster Tests
  • Pre-Deployment Application Profiling
  • K8s Best Practices Check
  • Auto Configuration and YAML Generation
  • Management Dashboard Generate Management Ops / Team Reports
  • Customizable Performance/Failure Alerts
  • Budget Insights (Overspend, Underspend, Planning)
  • KPI Definition and Implementation
Security & Compliance
  • Policy Definition and Enforcement
  • Security Alerts & Recommendations
  • Deep Anomaly Determination
  • Cyber Compliance Checks
  • IT Dashboard
  • Resource Insights