Autonomous Cloud Native
With Sosivio, get up and running in minutes with unmatched visibility into your cloud native environment. Utilizing lean AI built for Cloud Native, Sosivio delivers a wholistic understanding of your environment, eventless failure prediction and automatic resolution.
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Built differently

Sosivio is deployed as Yet Another Application, meaning it is completely non-intrusive to the environment it is deployed on. No agents are required on the node/pod and no library needs to be injected into developers code/sidecars. That means no broken artifacts and no security risks introduced. Our lean and agentless approach means massive savings on resource consumption.

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Function Based Modules

Sosivio serves more than just your DevOps team. We provide value throughout your organization with new features like budget insights and resource optimization reports so you can run your business more efficiently. Developers should be developing and not dealing with infrastructure requirements. Our platform allows developers to push their code and move on. No more misconfigured YAML files as Sosivio auto heals misconfigurations.

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